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Rich text option included with Send approval email

Would be nice to be able to have the option 'Is HTML'  in the 'send an approval email' so that there can be consistency between 'send an approval email' and also 'send an email' when both are required to be used within the same flow.

Status: Completed

You can now include rich text in approvals. Techincally, it's markdown not HTML, but it lets you do the same scenarios:

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Hi @JackWong 


Have you tried this?


[Link Text](Link URL)


[Microsoft Flow](


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HTML support is a must!

How can one include multiple lines for approval in one approval email without the use of a html table?

As soon as data is referenced in markdown an "apply to each" action is inserted, resulting in 10 approval emails for one 10 line order.


Please prioritse adding html functionality to approval flows.

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Reference the data within a variable and reference the variable inside the approval.

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This should not be marked as completed... html is far better a solution than markdown (which is flaky, doesn't work great in outlook, and is hard to pre-format in an editor to test visualizing the result)