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Run Flow on Multiple List Items in SharePoint Online List

The ability to select one list item and manually run a flow is good, but It would be great to be able to select multiple list items and perform the same action, where a new run would start for each Selected Item AND/OR the "For a selected item" trigger would have the option to be able to handle multiple list items in the same way that the "Get Items" action works. So either the option to run a flow multuple times, or one flow, but be aware that there were multiple items selected.


Example: I want to mark a bunch of list items as 'Complete' then send only one notification with a summary of all the list items that were marked as Complete.

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My team is also itching for this functionality. Would save a lot of custom work to accomplish this with PowerAutomate.

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I vote for this functionality too.  Would be very helpful in manually selecting and moving or copying multiple files to another location.

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Any update on this feature?  I have a current business need, I would like to run approval flow for multiple selected item.

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