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Run Flow on Multiple List Items in SharePoint Online List

The ability to select one list item and manually run a flow is good, but It would be great to be able to select multiple list items and perform the same action, where a new run would start for each Selected Item AND/OR the "For a selected item" trigger would have the option to be able to handle multiple list items in the same way that the "Get Items" action works. So either the option to run a flow multuple times, or one flow, but be aware that there were multiple items selected.


Example: I want to mark a bunch of list items as 'Complete' then send only one notification with a summary of all the list items that were marked as Complete.

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+1. This could include an option on the "For a selected item" called "allow multiple items" which would trigger an "apply to each" to appear below it when chosen.

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It would be awesome, specially when you have to do multiple documents approval, you could select the items then run that Flow.

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+1  Was very excited to set up Flows in our lists & libraries until I realized we could only run one item at a time... this is an important feature to add

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This is definately a feature that will help.


Users can then select multiple files from a document library for example and have a Flow which sends them as attachments to external users who cannot use shared links for files.

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How was this not been done yet... It's insane how limited Microsoft can be with its environment.