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Run History - Display Identifying Info

It would be nice if the Run History section displayed some sort of info that identified each particular run to help with tracking down errors.


Example: my flow updates fields in a sharepoint list.  if the fields are not updated properly for a particular item, I have to run dig through hundreds of Run History items to identify which one applied to the list item in question.


Maybe it could display a Title column, list item creator that caused the flow to kick off...something additional to help track down errors

Status: New
Advocate IV

Indeed there is plenty of screenspace in the flow history that could be made usefull.

I would like to see the number of the PO or invoice that was processed as extra info. 


If for example the terminate control could be given one parameter that would be visible in the run history, that would help a lot.

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Let us pick some variable or field or something to make it easier to find a run we're looking for.