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Run Macros in Excel

I would love to be able to run Macros in Excel as an action. I am currently working with weekly reports and receiving them as .csv via email. There are a few character replacements I need to run before saving them in Box, I would love to see some automation here.

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I have an annoying issue that making me having a headach. I hope someone helps me solving it.

When the user runs the macro on the Excel file, all other open applications stop responding. The machine is i5 with 8GB of RAM. We notice a high utilization of both Processor and Memory when we run the macro while I believe i5 and 8GB should be more than enough for such process. Please advise.

Helper II

Apuente, look into Run Script (Excel Online) where you can rewrite your VBA script in Office Script and do a similar thing. You can only do 200 calls a day, but it may be enough for you.