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Run a SharePoint workflow

If a SharePoint workflow updates the list item, than it fails if users only have add/read perms. 

The Flow runs under a different account which can update the list.  So if a Flow could run a workflow on an item it could allow controlled edits from users with no direct edit perms.

Status: New
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Yes!  Sad to see that this idea is old and not voted on, maybe your title is not descriptive enough?

I obviously didn't see it, as I've duplicated this idea.  Perhaps @BrianReever you might also put your vote on mine and we'll see if we can get it going?

Sharepoint Flow Button Should NOT require Edit or Write permissions

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Hi everyone!


Are there updates on this yet? @BenHatton@BrianReever have you found a solution?


In my use-case, I want to implement a formatted column that only displays an approval-button on a people-picker field if the field's value equals the current user. Here's some pseudo-code:

if( = then "action":"executeFlow"

The Flow should then edit an invisible, "approval"-field in the background.


For Site Owners this works so far. But the user needs edit-permissions on the list for the button to work. Since I only want members to provide approval, but not edit anything else, Flow seemed like the go-to-option as it runs under a different context.


In general I have to very much agree with you that Flow should provide the option to run regardless of edit-permissions.