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Run a kusto query and email results

It would be nice to add a new step to the Kusto connector to run a query and email the results.

Status: New
Level: Power Up

Any update on how to get this done?

Level: Power Up

Please follow below steps to email result from kusto query:

  • Select "Run query and visualize results" in Kusto action
  • Select "Send an email" in Outlook action
  • Use kusto Body in "Body" parameter of "Send an email"
  • Use "Show advanced options" and select "Yes" from drop down of Is HTML
Level: Power Up

is there a way we can add condition on send email only if query result returns some row?

Level: Powered On

I see now that there is a template to query Kusto (Azure Kusto Monitoring Alert Email) which contains three actions (Run control command and visualize results, run query and list results, run query and visualize results). In these actions there are four required fields: Cluster Name, Database Name, Control Command and Chart Type. The last two seem self explanatory, but how do we find the Cluster Name and the Database Name values to run one of these?

Level: Power Up

Yeah now we have 2 templates under banner "Azure Kusto Monitoring Alert Email" which we can use.

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Can we set email alert from Jarvis/Kusto dashboard ?