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Run arbitrary code action - opens up tons of possibilities

One of the biggest things Zapier has for power usage of its tasks is the ability to execute simple Javascript or Python code. This is absolutely huge as it allows for working around minor gaps in the built-in support without having to go build your own independent tool set. 


For example, I have a task that takes a webhook from the tool hosting a a customer application form. This form is running on my ecommerce platform which limits the way I can store the input - so it is written out in a non-standard delimited format. With Zapier I then have a simple little bit of python code that parses the block and spits out the different values as variables that later steps can use to populate other data locations. 


I have found tons of uses for these little code snippets and that was the biggest disappointment so far, finding that nothing similar seems to exist in Flow. Thanks!



Status: New
Level: Power Up

It would be super useful to be able to run Javascript code to do custom parsing of JSON obtained from HTTP calls.

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Would love the ability to run custom Javascript

Level: Powered On

+1 to this. Would love to be able to run some Python on some DB results before packaging into an email and sending. (Azure Functions Integration?)