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Run flow once only per modification


I have multiple flows set up in a sharepoint list library which are used to send custom mails based on fields on the form. They are triggered from 'when an item is created or modified'.


Basically I have 3 different flows set up based on conditions. One of which for exaple is 'LS approval status'. The flow is, if 'LS approval status' is equal to 'APPROVED' then send custom mail.


The issue is, whenever any item in the list is updated at all, this mail will be triggered as long as the form still has this field set to 'LS approval status'.


Is there a way you can make sure each flow for each item is only run *once*, and not triggered by every change?


I read somewhere about the condition of 'created' is not equal to 'modified'. But it doesn't really solve my issue.


any suggestions at all would be really appreciated!






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The only solution I had for this was to add another field that is updated on the 1st flow run and then put a condition to only run when this field does not contain the updated value.


It's quite crude but it is working so far for me. You will need to take this into account if you need other emails to be sent at different statuses.


I chose to add a field Titled "Send Update Email" which allowed the user to select to send the email if they needed to update the user, but by default this is set to No.


Hope this helps someone who comes accross this issue.


I am hopeful that someone with more knowledge will come along with a better solution.



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Hiya @Karen-Miller ,


Thanks so much for your response.


This is actually exactly what I have done. I ended up making a load of fields and amending the sutome mail that is sent out using these fields. I know have multiple emails issues sent at certain points based on the values of certain fields in the form. I've done this as you have mentioned, using a set of conditions. A little laborious but doing what I need it to do 🙂


Thanks again