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Run-only user of flow with SharePoint list should be able to be executed by the users not to have edit/delete permissions of SharePoint list items.

General users should not have edit / delete permissions on list items to prevent unnecessary updates other than the values ​​in a particular column. Also, the list should only be updated from the system administration account in the background.
In this situation, I want the run-only user in the Power Automate flow to be a user with SharePoint read-only permissions. This means assigning a list of SharePoint to the run-only user.


However, currently, when assigning a SharePoint list to a run-only user, the only users who can execute this flow are those who have the permissions to view / create / edit / delete SharePoint list items.

Without these permissions, the flow execution menu will not be visible from the list menu buttons.


I want users with only view permission for SharePoint list items to be able to run the Power Automate flow.


このシチュエーションを想定し、Power Automate Flowの実行専用ユーザーとして、SharePointの読み取り専用権限を持つユーザーが指定されるように、実行専用ユーザーにSharePointのリストを設定することで対応したいです。


しかし現状、run-only userにSharePointのリストをアサインした際、このフローを実行できるユーザーは、SharePointのリストアイテムの閲覧/新規作成/編集/削除の権限をもつユーザーのみです。


SharePointのリストアイテムに対して閲覧権限のみを持つユーザーがPower Automate flowを実行できるようにしていただきたいです。

Status: New