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Running history - improve notification for cancelling flows and allow for cancelling multiple waiting flows.


  • A flow with concurrency set to 1 only shows a single flow when filters are set to running.
  • Flow is triggered multiple times a minute.
  • Run history with "Running" state filter

Selecting the flow and then cancelling it seems to indicate that cancelling has been completed successfully. However, the cancel button is still active, and if I choose to cancel it again, the list appears to refresh. It is now giving an impression that the next flow has gone from a Waiting to Running. Since the list shows start time in just hours and minutes, and it is reasonable to assume that more than one is triggered every minute, it can be difficult to tell if it is actually the next one or the same one. Selecting cancel again (3rd + time) appears to refresh the list, this gives an impression that the process can be repeated.


This could be fixed if the cancel button remained inactive or hidden after the initial cancel was successful. The second time cancel is clicked is the only time it does not make much sense as the list is now empty.


It would otherwise be an improvement if it was possible to cancel multiple flows, if not multiple Running flows at once, then at least flows in the Waiting state.

Status: New