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I wish there were connectors for Skype, WHATSAPP, Messenger and Telegram.

And that it was possible to send SMS on SKYPE

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Indeed, IM is not dead.


Jabber, facebook mesenger, ICQ, etc.


And triggers when someone comes online or sends a message.


And ofcourse, one size fits all, the same interface for all IM types please. 

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It's also my understanding that if a phone is switched off or out of range when an SMS text is sent to it, the network-operator of the recipient's phone will temporarily store the message and attempt to retry delivery.

By contrast, for other "instant-messaging" systems the (internet-hosted) company running the messaging service will store messages when the recipients phone is unaccessible. Depending on the service architecture, the phone may 'poll' the messaging service periodically for messages, or it may be able to receive messages (or notification of pending messages) by a push-mechanism.

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