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SSH to a local server and issue a single command

Idea: Build connector for SSH and template to allow secure access to a server/appliance to run simple one-line commands. 

Detail on context and use-case:

I recently built an Adguard appliance on a Raspberry Pi using one of the Ubuntu appliance distributions. 

It works great and does just what I am expecting, but.... 

...every time there is a power outage the appliance goes into an unstable state. 


To fix it, I have to 

1) SSH to the appliance from a specific laptop (or other device) with the private key credentials 

2) Issue the command 'sudo reboot' 


Use-case where a flow could help. Pressing a button would trigger the SSH and prompts for the passphrase which protects the public key. Then the one-line command would be run device would be rebooted. 


Counter-argument/why a bad idea: Maybe this is naive, of course I do not fully understand how SSH works and if the private key can be made available to the flow in some secure way (but I notice there is an SFTP connector which presumably works in the same kind of way). Obviously a 'bad actor' could make the command be "sudo rm -r ~/" or whatever.  Maybe someone who knows more unix and sys admin than me can suggest a better way to achieve the same outcome? 

Status: New