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Save inline image in email body text

Currently, Flow saves inline images in email body text only if another file has been added as a regular attachment.

If there are no "normal" attached files to the email, the inline image file that is saved is of 0Kb - possibly an empty file.


An improvement is suggested so that Flow is capable of extracting the correct inline image to a valid image file.

Status: New
New Member

Extracting inline images automatically to OneDrive would save me so much time. All images sent from iPhones come in embedded and there's no easy way to save them all at once.

New Member

Need help!  I am new to Microsoft Flow and I have this problem I need to solve.  I am trying to create a SharePint list item when an email arrives.  No problem on this one.  However, if the body of the email has an embedded image, when assigned to a multi-line text column in SharePoint, that image is not rendered correctly.  Instead a 'x' icon or something is shown in the column.  Is there a way to resolve this?  If there is none, is there an action in Flow that strips inline images?  Thanks.