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Saving a "Project Site Template" with a "FLOW" on a SharePoint list



This idea is a continuation from a solved question that I had asked earlier on, "Can a FLOW be saved with a Project Site Template so that the FLOW will be created and work with new project sites off of that template?"


The answer was NO, question and solution can be found here.




Include FLOWS, created on a SharePoint list, into Project Site Templates.  When a Project site is created from the saved template, the FLOW is created along with everything else.


It seems to me that this is a HUGE missing attribute to FLOW on a SharePoint list.  Without the ability to save a FLOW into a Project Site Template, so that the FLOW automatically adds itself to each newly created Project Site using this template, a user must then manually recreate a FLOW for each project.  This is not efficient in any sense for a FLOW that is needed on more than one project site.


It can’t be expected from business users to perform extra setup steps after site creation. Many large organizations will not use FLOW until it can be created from the site template without extra manual steps




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Helper I

This would be very usefull.

New Member

I need it!