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Saving email attachments with same name to SharePoint

Have flow check for a duplicate file name prior to attempting to adding attachment in SharePoint?  The problem is if duplicate file already exists in SharePoint, flow will not add the file.  I understand there are options e.g. (turning on versioning in SharePoint, and making a file name unique by adding the date/time to the name), however, what I would really like to do is first check for a duplicate file name in SharePoint, and then if found, add a time stamp to that one file.  Thank you!!

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New Member

I see you can capture an attachement when a email is received, it is possible to capture that same attachment when an email is sent? 

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Hi everyone,


Is it possible to create a Folder in a SharePoint Library, who will have the same name that an emal object and containing all the attachments ?



Franck L