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Schedule Power Automate Desktop from within Windows 10

With Power Automate Desktop becoming available FREE w.e.f. 2nd March 2021 it would be a great feature if all personal automations built via this tool could be scheduled by a user using cmd line / powershell and/or scheduled tasks.  Currently if an end user wants to schedule a PAD they must use Desktop Flows via My Flows Power Automate Cloud Portal.  This requires an end user license and installation of On Premises Gateway.


It would be AMAZING if personal PAD Flows could be fully automated with currently logged on user from within Windows 10.

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I hope scheduling option comes up...otherwise, we have to continue to use some "wait" function and watch for a variable running date command and check if 24 hours have elapsed or not...lets say for running task every day....

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I was so excited to try this out but am now just disappointed. What is the point of creating these tasks if they cannot be scheduled?? To the Recycle Bin with you.....

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I cannot install the Gateway because i have a personal account

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Honestly, this is beyond ironic.

Instead of opening my app and clicking a few buttons, I can now automate!

... by opening Power Automate Desktop and clicking a few buttons ... yeah. 


I get that this is a byproduct of the "real" Power Automate, but it is held back a LOT by the inability to define triggers for flows. 

Quite a shame, since I was very impressed by how easy it is to create flows. Well, back to writing batch files and .NET apps instead ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Why is it so hard just to schedule a simple task for personal users? Apparently this is only available with enterprise users .

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Too answer the above post the below is simple scheduler written in power automate desktop , you manually start  and let it run. Note, power automate ( non desktop product)  can schedule  flows (premium feature!). But the below is a simple scheduler in power automate desktop which is a partial workaround. 

 The below could be modified to loop and wait for a time  for periodic scheduling. Hopefully a command line option is coming.


Simpler Scheduler


note you must always start up this flow manually on boot of your machine. To kick off the power automate desktop on reboot of the machine you would have to use some other automate tool like AutoHotKeys or AutoIt (ironic) to start it. 

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I have hundreds of flows from WinAutomation that now need to be transferred to Power Automate since WinAuto is being depreciated. Power Automate's lack of ability to schedule recurrences and triggers within the desktop application is knocking it off our list of replacement options, since each migrated flow needs to be scheduled individually, and, if that wasn't bad enough, I've been finding the cloud gateways to be as unreliable as they come. My flows are failing often with connection errors. Microsoft cannot just depreciate WinAutomation without a satisfactory alternative for it's most basic functionalities! Power Automate must first be reliable! 

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How  ironic.  That Power AUTOMATE cannot be automated.

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This is a real disappointment that the that PDA cannot be launched from command line.

I feel really frustrated.

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Loving PDA, just used it to create a backup for an ubuntu VM I've just built to run Homebridge to connect my old security camera to Apple Home. 


Now all I need to do is remember to run the backup task!


The irony of Power Automate not being automated is cruel.


Please microsoft, can we have this scheduled in the home version? We're using this at work with the gateway and its excellent, just amazed we can't schedule tasks at home!