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Schedule Power Automate Desktop from within Windows 10

With Power Automate Desktop becoming available FREE w.e.f. 2nd March 2021 it would be a great feature if all personal automations built via this tool could be scheduled by a user using cmd line / powershell and/or scheduled tasks.  Currently if an end user wants to schedule a PAD they must use Desktop Flows via My Flows Power Automate Cloud Portal.  This requires an end user license and installation of On Premises Gateway.


It would be AMAZING if personal PAD Flows could be fully automated with currently logged on user from within Windows 10.

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Can't you schedule a fake email to yourself in Outlook at the time required and set PAD trigger on that email received ?

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Hi @gvg, PAD Flows don't have the concept of triggers like in Cloud Flows.


The only way to trigger a PAD flow is top open PAD and click the run button.



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I want to schedule a "Power Automate Desktop" flow to run every 6 hours so I'm trying a hack which might be useful to others.   I created an additional "flow" with four steps:

 step 1: Label: START

 step 2: Run desktop flow: (the flow you want to schedule to run every 6 hours)

 step 3: Wait: 21600 seconds (same as 6 hours)

 step 4: Go to: START


... this 4-step flow will need to run continuously.   I'm not sure if this will work but it's worth a try.

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I created a schedule like this

Set a PAD with Loop 1 to 365

added these steps inside the loop
Wait for file C:\temp\MyFlow.txt

Run Desktop Flow MyFlow

Delete file C:\temp\MyFlow.txt


Created a simple Power shell script called MyFlow.ps1 with this script "New-Item C:\temp\MyFlow.txt"

Created a windows task scheduler with daily schedule running PowerShell app with argument "-File C:\PowerShell\MyFlow.ps1"
Gave the task elevated privileges to run even I am not logged to the computer.


Not a real schedule while it does the job.


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Hi Team,



    Help me on the scheduling part of my desktop flow, which created my individual free user id.

How to do scheduling the desktop flows , is that need any particular license and let me know the purchase amount?

can you help me out whether its needed attended cloud (40$) or unattended license is required (150$).


Sorry kindly ignore if the question is asked  in different forum.




Regular Visitor really can't automate these flows for system startup with Power Automate Desktop?
I literally just went down a 2 day rabbit hole trying to find this solution. Scheduling a flow from 365 office web portal is not a solution. Please this is not the case.

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Here is a video with a basic hack for scheduling some flows.



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Thank you for the video! I am going to watch it to see if I can get it to work.

I am honestly in shock that this is not part of Power Automate Desktop.
Wasn't the point of Power Automate to democratize automation scripts for the general population in the "no-code" environment.

I watched a few Youtubes by Kevin Stratvert - YouTube and Leila Gharani - YouTube and thought to myself "**bleep**, I might be able to do this".

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@JohnM Yeah.. it just seems like this is how MS has decided to monetise the "Free" product.


But the other problem I think there is, is that you can only get the Cloud Flow licence, to trigger the PAD flow, if you are a company. There is no option to pay for the licence as a normal "personal" consumer.


I used PAD's predecessor, WinAutomation, loads in my place of work where I only paid a 1 time fee for the product and could do everything it offered. Then MS bought it, turned it into PAD, and now the basic idea of scheduling your workflow is very expensive.

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Is it still 1980? I literally cannot schedule my automation?

Should i see what Linux offers?