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Schedule per week, per month, each monday, each 1st of month

I want to do my flows per week, or per month, or each monday, or each 1st of month.


My scenario:

1. Send a weekly report as mail each monday.

2. Alert a this month schedule each 1st of the month.

3. Remove old files each end of the month.


Currently, I do these flow by checking date information per a day.



Yoshihiro Kawabata





Status: New
Advocate III

Existing scheduling functionality miss what was proven to be a correct implementation.

Look how it has to be donein Windows Task Scheduler or SharePoint's scheduled publishing.

Limiting "Delay" action by maximum "Week" delay does not meet expectations.
Even Delay of Month does not work if one needs to run a workflow on a specific day of s month.

So, to implement a monthly scheduled workflow for a specific it's required to run the workflow daily and check for a specific day of month.

Additionally, a Monthly scheduled recurring trigger does not provide an option to start it on a specific day.


Not applicable

I would like to extend to list:

4. Repeat the task on the last Friday of the month.

5. Repeat the task on the second Tuesday of the month.