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Screenshot of Power BI Report in an Outlook Email

My goal is to set up a recurring email with a screenshot of a PBI report for users who do not have a Pro license.  For example, I would like one of my customers to receive an email every Monday morning with a screenshot of a specific page on a report. 


For obvious reasons I do not want to give my customers full access to Power BI, so I was hoping I could utilize Flow to provide static images of our reports in an email.  If there is another way to handle this I am open to other ideas as well. 

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Did you find a solution to this? I need to do the same thing and am starting to look for 3rd party software. 

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If you need an immediate solution there is a product called Power BI Robots that can handle this for a price tag of $1,000 annually. However, the PBI team recently announced that they are working on adding in this functionality, so I'm waiting it out to see what Microsoft builds.
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@J_Greenwalt---you are da real MVP of my day. This exactly what I was hoping someone would share with me. Thank you. If you're in San Diego, Craft beer and California Fries on me! Robot surprisedRobot LOLRobot surprised

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Hey guys -- any news on this?

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Any example of the flow designed to send the mails to free user?