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Search Flow Logs

Whe you have a large number of Flows run, it's almost impossible to find the right log to see what happened with a specific item. We get a list of runs, and the information inside each run's log is awesome. The trick is finding the right log. If a number of Flows run within a small timeframe, it's even harder to find the right one. This is especially difficult with both the Flow logs and the SharePoint list view showing times in the "friendly" "44 minutes ago" format.


I'd like to suggest some sort of search mechanism for the logs. I realize this can be very hard if you think across all of the different services. Specifically I'm working with SharePoint content, and I know we need something here. Another approach would be to give us a way to see the Flow runs which have happened for a particular item, sort of like we have for SPD workflows today. This would be an orthogonal view on the same Flow logs, but based on the triggering item.




Status: Under Review

Thank you for the idea, this is a good input.

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Add in flow - Compose with "workflow()".

Then add in action (e.q. e-mail) this link:
<a href=" from Compose">Link to Workflow AS</a> 


Change this underline to the this workflow ID you are putting this link. You can copy it from browser when you look into one of the run.


It helps a lot in any situation with an error, just click on link and are in this flow run which makes this action happen.

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Can you explain or maybe share a screenshot of this in a Flow. This sounds like a possible workaround but I am unable to figure out exactly how it is setup.


Thank you,

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Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for the idea, this is a good input.

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It would also be extremely helpful if we could export the flow log details to CSV.  This could help determine approval progress or status as well as get specific item details. 

Thank you.

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Yes, this would be really helpful. Right now we are building our own flog logging within Azure but not all companies and businesses can afford the development time required or have the skills to do this. Microsoft should really give us a better flow logging solution that we can search and filter properly.