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Search Functionality in Power Automate | Searching for Automations to Edit

I have over 450 automations in Power Automate. The search function in Power Automate struggles to take me to the automation that I would like to edit.


The full list does not display when you first enter Power Automate under Shared with Me. You receive a list of about 25. You can click on Show More or use the Search function. If what you are searching for is not in the first 25, you will not find what you are looking for. When you click Show More, there is a very long wait for more to be shown. And, not all in the list will be shown, so you are constantly clicking on Show More until you can use enough text in the Search function to filter the automation you wish to update.


This is exceedingly frustrating and time consuming to find the automation you wish to edit. Highly recommended revisions to the Search function in Power Automate.


Thank you,


Jeff Griffith


Status: New