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Search and identify Compose action (variables) is not possible.

I have a Flow with more then 20 Compose actions (variables).

I have named each Compose action to indicate the variable that is stored or calculated.

When I place my cursor in a field to insert Dynamic content the "Seach dynamic content" will not search the name of my Compose actions therefore I have to type in the word 'output' to at least filter the possible values to insert down to the 20 Compose action outputs.

Once I have inserted multiple Compose action "Outputs" into a box I have no way to identify the Compose action name that I inserted.

What I see as an example is "Concat this tring with" + Output + "and this string' + Output + " and this string'

I have no way to know what the 3 Output boxes are referring to.


Can you please make it so I can rename the 'Output' for the Compose action so that it becomes searchable in the dynamic content and this value would also be displayed in the boxes I insert it.



Status: New
Helper II

Yes. I have that problem too. Even with not so many variables it is cumbersome to error track because you don't which one is which.