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Search for string in an Email attachment

It would be very usefull if a flow can search for a string in the contence of an attachment.

Take the following example...

You receive an email with an invoice as attachment. You want to save the mail and the attachment in a Onedrive folder especially created to hold only invoices of a certain year. Some emails can be catched correctly if the email subject contains the word "Invoice" but other emails would fail. You could always catch all mails if u could set a condition in a flow for the word "Invoice" inside the content of the attachment. I would be gratefull is this could be made happen in the future.


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Hi @Walter


We actually allow you to do this in Flow. So we can extract data from PDF, Excel, CSV and then push that data to over 900 integrations through Microsoft Flow.


Our cropper tool for PDF looks a little like this below, where we allow you to choose the area of the PDF (or in your case Invoice) to extract from. Check us out over here