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Search my flows / team flows

I want to search flow from my flows list and team flows list by flow name, created date of flow, etc.1.png




Currently I have more than ten flows,

and for search flow, I need to look of flow list by the name, icon images.

or for search flow, I need to edit each flow to check the flow details.


I hope the search feature of my flow list, team flows list.

Search by name, created / updated date, included triggers, included actions.



Yoshihiro Kawabata


Status: New
Advocate IV
I'm in the same situation. There are a lot of Flows developed for testing, for presenting, for my customers and also my own "products". A search function would by very helpful!
New Member

I'm surprised this isn't  higher voted.  What is everyone else doing when they have a hundred flows?

Resident Rockstar

Please give us this! Just like we can search in the PowerApps section