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See flow runs associated with an approval request

I am aware of the behavior that the display shows the item which needs to be approved or rejected in [Received Requests] when creating the Flow from the [Approval] (Newly added). Currently, the user needs to check details of each execution history one by one for finding out which execution history of the item has canceled or not in the situation of the Items still remains in [Received Requests] when Flow execution was canceled halfway through.


Due to the work process result in a reduction of the time, I hope the feature will implement to be displayed the Flow execution history directly by clicking the item of [Received Request].

Status: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion.

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Looking for similar functionality on two levels:

- Requestors/Approvers need to be able to see hisotry of their approvals/rejections/comments

- Admins need to be able to see all history for audit purposes

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100% agree with Kazanko.

- Requester/Approver need to be able to see entire history of interactions with Approvals, including comments

-Admins need ability to see all history, preferably in a way that can be connected to through Power BI, like the CDS

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Agree with comments. Users to only see their own history with detail. Admin able to see all history with detail

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Further, what would be really nice ( or just make sense to auditors) is ability to link documents or items in the list to the workflow history.

This is a major limitation making SPO hard to validate: library integration with Flow is great, but how can I prove that Document1 was approved by John Doe on March 1st?

Way it should work:
- Method1: right click on the document-> view workflow history
- Method2: change how Flow logs version history: ie, if Jane requested an approval from Dave and Flow changes Library column to ‘approved’, version history should list Jane as requestor and Dave as the approver
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This is a massive limitation to an approval workflow I am working on where we also need the ability to see what detail has been approved and report on it historically for financial purposes. Ideally having the data link from each of these O365 products Forms - Flow - data from Forms & Flow - Power BI to be user friendly would be amazing as we are using Forms to request the detail to be approved but currently have no link to continue the data once approved to be reportable without the need for a technical interface. 

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Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion.

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Has this been resolved?  This limitation is making us consider keeping on-prem until EOL on SharePoint 2013 workflows and then switching to another product.  The whole reason we got SharePoint was to use it for document mgmt, allowing users to see where an approval sits and then post-approval to see who approved for auditing.  If SharePoint online can't do this, it's useless to us.