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Select overdue items from Excel worksheet

This run-script action available on Excel online allows filtering rows within a worksheet based on due date and pass an array of objects containing the rows that are past due. 


The following flow uses run-script action by invoking Office Scripts against the following data. It selects items that are past due and not in 'Done' status. You can then use the returned array of objects to connect to any flow you wish. 


Input sample dataInput sample data



Run Script

Run scriptRun script


You can now connect the result to any other flow such as send-email.









    "contact": "",
    "task": "Send monthly report ",
    "status": "",
    "dueDate": "10/17/2020"
    "contact": "",
    "task": "Confirm MBR event location",
    "status": "",
    "dueDate": "10/2/2020"






Script screenshot: 


Script (called Date):  







function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook): LateEntry[] {
// IF the data is in a table, do this....
  // Get first table in Sheet1.
  let table = workbook.getWorksheet('Sheet1').getTables()[0]; 
  let data = table.getRangeBetweenHeaderAndTotal().getValues();
// If the data happens to be in a worksheet without a table then do this..
  // let data = workbook.getWorksheet('Sheet1').getUsedRange().getValues();

 let selectedRows = [];
 for (let row of data) {
   let [contact, task, status,dueDate] = row;
   if (status !== 'Done' && compreDatesAndSelect(dueDate as number)){
       dueDate: getJsDateFromExcel(dueDate).toLocaleDateString()
  return selectedRows;
 * Compare the argument date against today's date. If Today < argument date, return true; else false
function compreDatesAndSelect(eDate: number): boolean { 
  let jsDate = getJsDateFromExcel(eDate);
  let today = new Date();
  if (jsDate.getDate() < today.getDate() &&
    jsDate.getMonth() <= today.getMonth() &&
    jsDate.getFullYear() <= today.getFullYear()) {
    return true
  return false

function getJsDateFromExcel(excelDate: number): Date {
  return new Date((excelDate - (25567 + 1)) * 86400 * 1000);

interface LateEntry {
  contact: string
  task: string
  status: string
  dueDate: string








Status: New

Sorry, this was supposed to be in the cookbook (not an idea). Will have to find a way to move it there.