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Send Email (V2) Add Option for "From"

In the new Send Email (V2) action, I can't seem to change the address that I'm sending from.


I'm using a Service Account to create Flows for the organization, but we don't want all Flow emails to come from the Service Account.  I was able to get rights for the Service Account to send email as the various shared inboxes throughout the organization so that it comes from the user who requested the Flow.


As a result of this change, I have to stay with the original Send Email action.  My concern is if the original Send Email action is eventually removed without a solution for changing the From field.

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@whitelc - Thanks for mentioning that Microsoft is removing the Outlook REST API.  I missed that blog post and would have been caught off-guard on November 1.


@Ifrit - The problem we have with Send an email from a shared mailbox (V2) action is that we didn't setup rights for the Service Account to have access to the shared mailbox itself, only Send as or Send on behalf of.  So now we have to update those permissions for each of the shared mailboxes in addition to the Flows and the various emails associated with them.


Since we've been using Flow for the past few years, that's we have to go through all of the Flows on the Service Account (in the 100s) to switch out the Send Email and also inform any individuals within organization to look at their own individual Flows.


Either way, while I'm not happy about it, it doesn't sound like we have a choice and it's something that has to be done.

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@Matt_Hong  That's unfortunate but I don't think MS will be adding  this any time soon. It may actually be limitation of Graph API...

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I've been speaking with Support about this and have not been able to get any solution or work around.

Although they say that they understand the problem there is no solution provided on their end.

It would be better to postpone the update until they have a suitable replacement. We have several thousand flows run a month using this function.

I've tried the shared mailbox action but due to setup limitations i'm having trouble getting it to work.


Only thing i can think of is that a switch is used to activate the send an email action which uses the correct sender credentials. Ok for small business or flows that are specific to a team of people but for large scale flows it may not be suitable.

This is my backup plan but i'm hoping they might come up with a proper solution before cut off.

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@KingsleyG  Thanks for the update. Hope we're not all in a world of hurt when Microsoft pulls the plug on the original version of Send an Email. Smiley Frustrated

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Update on this, Support spoke to the Dev Team and advised that Send an Email as Shared Mailbox will solve this issue.


Upon my testing I found that I needed to grant my flow connection user full access to the user mailbox i wanted to send from.

Once i granted the permission i could send the email as the other user. Only problem is that now my flow connection user needs full access permissions to every user......At least I'm halfway there with already granting send as/behalf so it's not a big change.


From a security stand point it's a bit of an issue to have a service account with full access, but nothing else can be done I guess.

Send from a shared mailbox works well too, so thats a bonus. But if anyone has on-prem distribution groups that they were sending as, you'll have to try to convert or creating new shared mailbox's


Still a lot of work to be done to update the live flow's


Hopefully this helps anyone

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Need this as well. I hope this will be added in the new version.

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Same here.. much needed feature omitted from the V2 Send Mail action.

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Do we have an ETA on this?  It's still marked as "NEW" - not even "UNDER REVIEW"

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Also, I've noticed I had this option on Send Mail, but on V2 there is no such "send as" ? Why did MS remove this?

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The option for 'From (send as)' has also been removed from the original Send an Email action.


This is absolutely ridiculous. The option was removed inexplicably back in 2017 and then re-added because, similarly to here, people were unhappy about it. Why remove it again!? Makes no sense at all. If Power Automate is to be used for wide-scale business automations then I don't particularly want to be sending emails from my personal account and getting responses from 26,000 employees. A 'NoReply' account works brilliantly, however I can now no longer use this.