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Send Email (V2) Add Option for "From"

In the new Send Email (V2) action, I can't seem to change the address that I'm sending from.


I'm using a Service Account to create Flows for the organization, but we don't want all Flow emails to come from the Service Account.  I was able to get rights for the Service Account to send email as the various shared inboxes throughout the organization so that it comes from the user who requested the Flow.


As a result of this change, I have to stay with the original Send Email action.  My concern is if the original Send Email action is eventually removed without a solution for changing the From field.

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I can't see the option From (send as) in V3 (preview) as well. It would be much helpful if this can be added back.

Advocate II

This is over-the-top, Microsoft. What gives? Will existing Flows that use the From feature in the original Send an Email still work?

At this point, Microsoft has made the flow action to send an email virtually unusable.

And I thought the new licensing was the worst slap in the face that Microsoft gave its customers of late.

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@whitelc It appears legacy Flows built using the From (send as) option do still work. Which is again ridiculous. Have to be sure I don't alter those!

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I need this feature to set up flows for owners of the business processes and have the emails coming from them.  They aren't able to create the flows on their own.

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I created a blog on how to get around the From Address. If you use an HTTP request to SharePoint you can send from a no-reply email.


This is working for me currently, takes a few more steps but solves the problem that Microsoft has made, by removing the From option.

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Need this feature!

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I was quite surprised to see that this option isn't there and that the email comes from the person who created the Flow.  


This seems like a huge oversight.   It would be quite rare that anyone using this would want to have to create a service mailbox for this or have the email come from a specific person.   There are all sorts of impacts that could have down the road, if that person leaves the company or other things, then the workflow fails when there account no longer exists.


Please fix this.

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I see the "From (Send as)" as part of the Send an email (v2) action, but it does not appear to be working. When the field is set, the mail is still being sent from the connection user.


When you Peek Code, you can see the "From" property being set:



Was this feature fully implemented?

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I believe the only person who's email you can put in the "Send As" is the person who created the file or list item in SharePoint. If the flow is using your connector you could also use any Email address which you have "Send As" rights on. 

I personally have one specific Email address that I have "Send As" permission on that I use for all my Flows except the ones where I use the person who created the file/list item and they need an approval. 

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Another big 'miss' by microsoft.  How is this still not fixed?  Sure, I am able to set up a generic admin group ID for the FROM box, BUT, I have to have EVERY SINGLE USER add that generic email box into their personal Outlook 365 directory in order for the FLOW to work that way.  This is just not feasible when the FLOW is being used by dozens, if not hundreds of users.


Please add an EASY way to allow the FROM to contain the LOGGED IN USER in the email flow.