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Send Email (V2) Add Option for "From"

In the new Send Email (V2) action, I can't seem to change the address that I'm sending from.


I'm using a Service Account to create Flows for the organization, but we don't want all Flow emails to come from the Service Account.  I was able to get rights for the Service Account to send email as the various shared inboxes throughout the organization so that it comes from the user who requested the Flow.


As a result of this change, I have to stay with the original Send Email action.  My concern is if the original Send Email action is eventually removed without a solution for changing the From field.

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I need this and alreayd use send email v1, seems strange to remove functionality when improving the connector

Level 8

Just had to re-do 10 Emails because I didn't check to see if "Send As" was available. Sucker. haha

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To achive this you can use the action Send an email from a shared mailbox (V2) that is meant to do exactly that and is probably the reason why there is no "From" in the Send and email (v2).

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I need this feature sooner rather than later. Now that Microsoft has announced that Outlook connector changes will deprecate the original "Send an email," I'm under the gun to update existing Flows. However, these flows use the From (Send as) feature extensively.


I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place. I have to update the Flows but cannot because of missing Send As feature.

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@whitelc  just use the Send an email from a shared mailbox (V2) action which serves to do exactly that.
There is no need for the "From:" feature because of it.