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Send Email (V2) Add Option for "From"

In the new Send Email (V2) action, I can't seem to change the address that I'm sending from.


I'm using a Service Account to create Flows for the organization, but we don't want all Flow emails to come from the Service Account.  I was able to get rights for the Service Account to send email as the various shared inboxes throughout the organization so that it comes from the user who requested the Flow.


As a result of this change, I have to stay with the original Send Email action.  My concern is if the original Send Email action is eventually removed without a solution for changing the From field.

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I can't see the option From (send as) in V3 (preview) as well. It would be much helpful if this can be added back.

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This is over-the-top, Microsoft. What gives? Will existing Flows that use the From feature in the original Send an Email still work?

At this point, Microsoft has made the flow action to send an email virtually unusable.

And I thought the new licensing was the worst slap in the face that Microsoft gave its customers of late.

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@whitelc It appears legacy Flows built using the From (send as) option do still work. Which is again ridiculous. Have to be sure I don't alter those!

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I need this feature to set up flows for owners of the business processes and have the emails coming from them.  They aren't able to create the flows on their own.

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I created a blog on how to get around the From Address. If you use an HTTP request to SharePoint you can send from a no-reply email.


This is working for me currently, takes a few more steps but solves the problem that Microsoft has made, by removing the From option.