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Send Email (V2) Preview does not add hyperlinks to email alerts

Hi All,

I haven't created a FLOW in a few weeks and I was SOOOO excited to finally see a true HTML editor in FLOW Smiley Happy  Its wonderful I do not need all HTML formating, but it lost the ability to add a hyperlink without the displaying the full path, causing me to have to bail and go back the original Send Email task and HTML 😞



I always add a link back to the list item in the alert so my users can do everything right from the email.


I added some text and the "Link To Item" Dynamic content, but it displayed as the actaul link nothing freindly to look at.


Please click link to go to the item:

Your system removed the actiual HTML


I the tried to use the "Add a link" from the tool bar but there is no way to put the "Link To Item" in the hyperlink.  


I even went back to the old fashioned way and tried to add <A HREF=></A>.


which results in :

<A HREF="">Please click here to go to the Item</A>


We need a way to create a nice looking Hyperlink in Send Email (V2).

It's almost there keep on working on FLOW!!




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Yes, it can.


Type in the text you want, highlight it then click the link button. 

It will allow for a link title, and the link target. 





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Hi @Danny_Price,

Yes that will work if I have a static address for all alerts that go out. 

My issue is that it does not allow for dynamic content.  I am trying to create a link back to the sharepoint item which does not work in V2 as I showed in my original post.


Thanks again,




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As @jaylou reminds us, including dynamic URLs in outgoing emails and approval requests is essential. Modern users expect these types of emails to be clean, direct and well-formated.


The 'create link' UI option in the Send an Email v2 is a nice addition, but doesn't accomodate anything dynamic (regular expression, Flow variables, etc) in the URL structure.


Current workarounds (that I can think of):

  1. Edit the source JSON (w/ flowstudio), locate the send email action, and edit the URL composition manually
  2. Dump the entire URL into the message body, with variables (works, but ugly - especially w/ the length of typcial SharePoint URLs!)
  3. Use markdown - very cumbersome if the dynamic URL you're creating has special characters (you need to escape some types) - I cheated here and used a non-modern destination:
    using markdown for dynamic URLs in Flowusing markdown for dynamic URLs in Flow
  4. One other that I forgot while making that screenshot Smiley Tongue

Bottom line: none of those workarounds are desirable (or perfect) - expressions and Flow variables would be a very nice addition to the native UI for email link creation


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Small footnote: the markdown method doesn't seem to be offering much hope in this case (i'm guessing it's not supported in v2 email action?)

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Today I was able to validate method one as a workaround (Edit the source JSON (w/ flowstudio), locate the send email action, and edit the URL composition manually).


<span style=\"font-size: 11px\"><a href=\"{body('Log_Approval_Success')?['ID']}\">Test</a></span>
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hi @jake,

That seems like way too much work :). 

I have completely abandoned the send mail V2. 

Maybe in a year or so I will check back and see if they made V2 usable.


Thanks for the suggestion,



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I hear you, @joef... It is cumbersome. Keep the faith. Hopefully it will be less than a year.

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I found another way:

1. Type your link with the variable inside the body of the e-mail

2. Copy the whole line from point 1 to your clipboard

3. Create a hyperlink using the create hyperlink icon.

4. Type a description for the link

5. Paste the path into the URL. This will give you the correct format , something like this:{body('Your Previous Create File in SharePoint step')?['Path']}

6. Optionally, remove what you initially typed in step 1



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Thanks @CGallardo1,

Now make that dynamic 🙂

I need it to hyperlink to the created/updated item of a list.

Post Partisan
Post Partisan

Is there any updates on this issue?