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Send Email (V2) Preview does not add hyperlinks to email alerts

Hi All,

I haven't created a FLOW in a few weeks and I was SOOOO excited to finally see a true HTML editor in FLOW Smiley Happy  Its wonderful I do not need all HTML formating, but it lost the ability to add a hyperlink without the displaying the full path, causing me to have to bail and go back the original Send Email task and HTML 😞



I always add a link back to the list item in the alert so my users can do everything right from the email.


I added some text and the "Link To Item" Dynamic content, but it displayed as the actaul link nothing freindly to look at.


Please click link to go to the item:

Your system removed the actiual HTML


I the tried to use the "Add a link" from the tool bar but there is no way to put the "Link To Item" in the hyperlink.  


I even went back to the old fashioned way and tried to add <A HREF=></A>.


which results in :

<A HREF="">Please click here to go to the Item</A>


We need a way to create a nice looking Hyperlink in Send Email (V2).

It's almost there keep on working on FLOW!!




Status: New
  1. Initialize a variable
  2. Set the variable to be the proper html w/ the anchor link:
    <span style=\"font-size: 11px\"><a href="[DYNAMIC URL VARIABLE HERE]">[DYNAMIC TEXT VARIABLE HERE]</a></span>
  3. Use this variable in your email
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This is a very poor Implementation for such a important function. 

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I completely agree SchneidAIR. They'll be bringing back MySpace next with all this HTML. Is Tom the new CEO of Power Automate? 🤣


It's a very poor implementation. Especially as once HTML is implemented the normal email editor window can no longer be used.

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@JonathanErmey , works for me, thank you.

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@JonathanErmey - does the job, for now! Thanks.

This is the solution post 

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Hi @JonathanErmey  - indeed, it does the job...

But I had to dig deep through internet after a dozen of failed trials to find this article, and just to discover that the link button from the flow's interface is useless... and misleading... 😞 

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hello, how would I implement that solution? How do I initialize a variable?

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Hello @alblair ,


Just add a step with "Initialize variable" of type string, and in the value compose the complete HTML tags for link as @JonathanErmey suggested: 


Then use that variable where needed.

Is working, but this "extra step" I think should be available directly on the "send email" step in the insert link option.


Kind Regards,


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thanks @Lucian that worked for me!!!

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  1. Initialize a string variable
  2. Place html anchor code into variable with "Link to item" from dynamic content (<a href='[Link to item]'> Click here</a>
  3. Attach variable to body of email
  4. Save.

That's a pretty good workaround for me.