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Send Email (V2) Preview does not add hyperlinks to email alerts

Hi All,

I haven't created a FLOW in a few weeks and I was SOOOO excited to finally see a true HTML editor in FLOW Smiley Happy  Its wonderful I do not need all HTML formating, but it lost the ability to add a hyperlink without the displaying the full path, causing me to have to bail and go back the original Send Email task and HTML 😞



I always add a link back to the list item in the alert so my users can do everything right from the email.


I added some text and the "Link To Item" Dynamic content, but it displayed as the actaul link nothing freindly to look at.


Please click link to go to the item:

Your system removed the actiual HTML


I the tried to use the "Add a link" from the tool bar but there is no way to put the "Link To Item" in the hyperlink.  


I even went back to the old fashioned way and tried to add <A HREF=></A>.


which results in :

<A HREF="">Please click here to go to the Item</A>


We need a way to create a nice looking Hyperlink in Send Email (V2).

It's almost there keep on working on FLOW!!




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We are also trying to use this feature together with Dynamics 365.

Having this in my point of view is absolutely essential in everyday business.

Please provide a solution for this!

Post Partisan
Post Partisan
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Hi @jja ,

Using the original Send Mail task is not a workaround, its the only way to Send mail with a dynamic link via FLOW.  


V2 needs to get fixed to allow us to dynamically add hyperlinks!

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This should also be fixed for "Send an email from a shared mailbox V2 (preview)".

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Is there an update on this?

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I created a Flow yesterday - first one in a long time. I was able to properly format the Link to Item.


In the Body of the email, I inserted "Link to item" from Dynamic content. Then I went into Code View using the </> toggle under the formatting toolbar in the Body section.


I added the href around the Link to item. It looks like this:

<a href="LINKTOITEM CONTENT BOX">View item</a>


It worked fine. One little wrinkle that I just noticed - I cannot toggle back to HTML view in the body of the Flow that worked yesterday. Oh well, Microsoft giveth...and Microsoft taketh away.  


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Hello @whitelc ,


Thanks for your post. I tried and it works for me. Let's hope there will be a improved version of this flow element soon 🙂




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@whitelcIt works a treat!  Thank you so much!

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I was able to get working using codeview.  In my body I have this:

<a href=\"@{triggerBody()?['{Link}']}\">@{triggerBody()?['Title']}</a>
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Please Microsoft TEST your components at least once before releasing!

The V2 does NOT WORK at all for dynamic links and it also destroys links created in HTML and overwrite with rubbish!


Furthermore you have removed the well working version 1!!!

What the #%& are you doing!


I can see NO work arounds!