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Send Email (V2) Preview does not add hyperlinks to email alerts

Hi All,

I haven't created a FLOW in a few weeks and I was SOOOO excited to finally see a true HTML editor in FLOW Smiley Happy  Its wonderful I do not need all HTML formating, but it lost the ability to add a hyperlink without the displaying the full path, causing me to have to bail and go back the original Send Email task and HTML 😞



I always add a link back to the list item in the alert so my users can do everything right from the email.


I added some text and the "Link To Item" Dynamic content, but it displayed as the actaul link nothing freindly to look at.


Please click link to go to the item:

Your system removed the actiual HTML


I the tried to use the "Add a link" from the tool bar but there is no way to put the "Link To Item" in the hyperlink.  


I even went back to the old fashioned way and tried to add <A HREF=></A>.


which results in :

<A HREF="">Please click here to go to the Item</A>


We need a way to create a nice looking Hyperlink in Send Email (V2).

It's almost there keep on working on FLOW!!




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Resolver I

Hi there,

if you turn the experimental features on, you'll get an improved expression editor that allows to do this without variables.

Just click on the "Html"-sign: 


then you can edit it like so:




Helper III

@Imke that is a very good suggestion but I find that HTML edit mode for email composition to be very flaky and unreliable with more complex messages. Are you having better luck with it? The only way I could find to reliably create dynamic URLs within outgoing Flow emails w/ friendly display names was to hack the JSON manifest with FlowStudio. It's a pain in the neck but it works.

Resolver I

Hi @jake ,
I just used it once with a fairly simple example and it worked like described above.
No experience with more complex messages, though.


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workaround for creating links in Send an email (V2):

1. Initialize two string Variables: Screenshot 2021-01-24 140721.png

 2. Values: LinkToItem1:

concat('<a href="',triggerOutputs()?['body/{Link}'],'">')

and LinkToItem2


3. in Mail Body build link next: 
Screenshot 2021-01-24 141153.png


Its, will open and close a tag and use dynamic content.