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Send Email With Options should have a comments section

My company has a lot of approval workflows that require custom options (outside of "Approve" and "Reject") being delivered in email format. And whenever a custom option is selected and the Flow starts up again it's important to collect notes surrounding why that custom options was selected to pass back to the approver in many cases. My company has countless workflows that require this simple functionality (as I'm sure man y other companies do). This feature already exists in the "start an approval" action, it would save my development team a lot of coding and maintenance if microsoft Flow could also provide this feature in the Send Email With Options action.

Status: Declined

We do not plan to allow the adding of comments for  these emails. However, we plan on adding custom options to the Approval connector actions (see here), which should accomplish this same scenario.

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I have some apps where the options are not just Approve and Reject, hence i need to use the Send Email with Options.  

Am finding it lacking for where the recipient of the mail should put CoMMENTS for the option selected.


Please make this available ....


THANKS in advance

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Any update on this?

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This would allow us to actually trim down some Flows as we managed to create a workaround to this by splitting the Flow into 2 halves; the first sends the email with a link to an item where the user can put their comments, and the second half continues after the item is updated.

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Status changed to: Declined

We do not plan to allow the adding of comments for  these emails. However, we plan on adding custom options to the Approval connector actions (see here), which should accomplish this same scenario.


Hi @Stephen ,  While it is great that this is implemented in the Approval connector however if I just want to send an email and capture some information (not an approval) the email is branded as an Approval email which causes confusion.  This connector allows for a custom email and having comments in this one would be a much better experience.


Please let me know your thoughts.

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The solution @Stephen  linked to above is Premium and requires additional licensing.  The email with options and the approval connector without custom options do not require additional licensing.  It might meet some of the requirements, but is adding additional cost for a need that is pretty reasonable.

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What I really need is a way to send an email and wait for a response (with comments). Send email with options does this. When my approvers need more information before they can approve something, they will select that option (now that I can configure a third option) and add comments asking for additional info. The idea would be to send an email back to the requester with the additional requirements. Then the requester would reply to that email with the additional info, which would start the loop over, sending a new approval to the approver with the original info and the additional info that was left out of the first request.


My workflow depends on being able to send an email to the requester and waiting for them to respond. And send email with options does this (but without comments/additional info which I need). Regular Send Email does not wait for a response. Approvals do this (but it says" Approvals" in big letters, and the requester is not approving anything). Seems like a simple pattern but I can't quite make it work.


It's a single level approval that needs to loop until the requester has provided all of the required information in order to be approved. Or the requester says "never mind". Send Email With Options (with comments) would accomplish this if it existed. Nothing else does to my knowledge.

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@Stephen can you please give us a reason why this has been declined? Approval Connector only works with tenant accounts to send approvals. If you are trying to send out an approval email to clients outside the tenant accounts, send an email with options is how it has to be done. However, without the ability to get a response back to why something might be "rejected" or maybe "needs review", there is no way to capture that data with that connector. I think is a valid need and concern for the community as a whole and would like to further development on this topic, unless Microsoft is going to give out free business licenses so we can have external users (clients/general public) to have accounts to effectively use the Approval Connector (which isn't practical).