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Send Email with Option File Size Limit

Currently we can't send Email with Option where the file size is larger than 3mb. Can the limit be increase to match the standard Send Email feature. We send files which need to be approved and some are bigger than 3mb which are not being sent. the flow fails.


"Request entity is larger than limits defined by the external server.

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Do you use "Send an email (V2)"? If yes then try to use "Send an email". This should increase the limit from 3 Mb to 49 Mb.

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Hi Snnicky,


The function I'm using in Flow is the "Send email with Options", but as a work round we sending the attachment separately then the Action Cards (Send email with Options) afterwards for the users to Accept or Reject. Ideally we want the attachments and actions cards on 1 email. 


There will be no confusion if the person gets more than 1 item to approve at once.

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I have the exact same problem with "Send an email from a shared mailbox (V2)". For this one is there another option to increase the limit? 

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@snnicky  I don't see the original "Send an email"... it looks like they did away with that and only have "Send an email (V2)" which still has the 3 Mb limitations. Do you know if there are any work arounds?

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I see "Send an email" in the list of available actions if I search for action using action name. If I use "Office 365 Outlook" category as a filter then the action "Send an email" is not shown. Try to search for action by the name.