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Send Email with Option File Size Limit

Currently we can't send Email with Option where the file size is larger than 3mb. Can the limit be increase to match the standard Send Email feature. We send files which need to be approved and some are bigger than 3mb which are not being sent. the flow fails.


"Request entity is larger than limits defined by the external server.

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Any updates? The only option I can use for managers to approve expense reports is Send Email with Options and this limit severely limits how many photo attachments of receipts they can have. Also, the person requesting the reimbursement will never know it did not get to the manager because when the flow fails it does not notify the person who submitted the request. 

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This size limit also needs to be configurable in the Approvals steps.



Just found where this can be adjusted in the Power Platform Admin Center in the Email settings under Environments.  The attachment will still not be sent, but at least there is a message indicating as such and a link to view them in the Flow Portal