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Send Email with Options from a shared mailbox

Don't think this needs much of an explanation - without this capability I can't create an approval process that doesn't wholly depend on me staying with the company!


I'm not fussed whether the solution is adding the options functionality to the 'send from a shared mailbox' action, or whether the shared mailbox facility gets added to the 'send email with options' action.

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I'm having the same issue as well. I am working on an approval process for the company I am working for right now, but I am only an Intern. I will be leaving in just over a month, and company policy dictates that my account needs to be terminated after I leave. This wouldn't be an issue if there was an option like this.


I could create it while logged into a new user that we set up for this flow, but there is still another problem. My supervisor has helped me test it a few times, and everytime she logs into it, it sets up new connections with her account. So even if I connecet it to the new account we made, it will only send from that account if I am the one using it. If anyone else uses it, the flow creates new connections and sends the emails from their account.

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Already submitted (and voted) at I think this is a must have feature so we need more votes, spread the word! 


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Yeah this needs to be done. I put my vote in this.


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absolutely agree. It is a shame that this action is depending on a specific user account.