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Send Push Notification to all users

Currently whether its a push notification from an app or one in a flow you must specify the recipients to send the notification to.

Please create a way to send a push notification to everyone.  

My use case is a power app for:

Our company's news feed.
Everyone that wants to download it can.
We publish updates to a SharePoint list (or I can use a database, whatever will work).

All users get a notification on their phone that new company news is available.

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@Raffi- of course. I'm happy to. 


I set up a sharepoint list with the desired recipients, making sure that the recipients were stored in a People or Group column with the field "work email" being displayed (so you have a list of email addresses) (see attached image). 


Next you need to configure your flow as follows: 


Step 1: When a file (or item) is created

Site address - the address of the site which hosts the library (or list) that you want to use as the trigger. 

Library name - the library or list to use. 


Step 2: Get Items

Site address - the address of the site which you created your list of recipients on

List name - the name of the list you created with the work email field being used. 


Step 3: Apply to each 

Output: Value (from step 2)


Then add your PowerApps push notification action connection. personorgroup.PNG



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Thank you very much!

Unfortunatly i have never used "Flow" before and got two more questions:

Can I use two different Lists for Trigger (When item is created) and Get Item? Or is it necessary to use the same list with the same structure?


Secondly, i tried to integrate the flow into the app but got the error "registering error" - are you familiar with this issue? Do i have to apply the flow to a specific item, button or screen?


Once again thanks for your help

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Can this be done with a for each.  For each iterated user, send notification?