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Send Push Notification to all users

Currently whether its a push notification from an app or one in a flow you must specify the recipients to send the notification to.

Please create a way to send a push notification to everyone.  

My use case is a power app for:

Our company's news feed.
Everyone that wants to download it can.
We publish updates to a SharePoint list (or I can use a database, whatever will work).

All users get a notification on their phone that new company news is available.

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Level: Power Up

Is there any resolution or suggestions on above

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This is such basic functionality for PowerApps, I can't believe that it doesn't work already, please figure out a way to make this possible. 


I've tried to set up a flow to trigger when a new item is added, which then initiates a PowerApps push notification, however it's not possible to use the App ID as a recipient, you get a Flow error stating 'InvalidPrincipalIdOrMail'. 


This is so frustrating; the Microsoft Mirage continues...

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Please add this feature. I am testing as a possible company news feed. Kind of useless without it!
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I need to send a notification to the set of users in a team for each time a new report is added in their list.

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Just had a thought, but would it work to use Apply to each and add the push notification into that? You could use a list as the data source for the get recipients?