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Send a private message via Teams

We can send Skype messages via Flow but are unable to send private messages via Teams. Since Microsoft is migrating to a unified Chat experience anyhow - why not add an action that sends a message to one (or all) of the MS chat experiences?

Scenario :


From a PowerApps, send a message to a user via Flow. That message creates a private message between the sender and recipient in Skype, Teams, and StaffHub. This makes it MUCH easier to create flows depending on which applications a company has deployed to their user base.

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Or send chat/private message directly from powerapp without using flow.  This is available using skype but as you mentioned Skype is going away.


I created an idea for this in the powerapp idea forum.

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You can already do this. 

Create a flow that is triggered in your app, and use the action called "Post a message as the Flow bot to a user (Preview)".

But @bbar0121 has a great idea, since there is already a connector inside PowerApps for Teams! Cut out the middleman that is Flow. I love it.

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Yes - appreciate you can use Power Automate as a workaround, but should be possible to push it straight from PowerApps for easier maintenance. You can already post to a Team/channel, but not a user. Crazy!

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I want to be able to send a private message/reply to an existing chat group (1 or more) in power automate as user not flow bot.  I have a GM that doesn't get to their messages sometimes until late at night.  They reply to teams messages they get and despite telling staff not to reply after hours (both for they work life balance and because the GM doesn't want to get it to a big conversation for their work life balance) people still respond immediately.  We are looking at a a way to allow them to pick the message string, provide a message and time to send like 8 am the next morning,  but so far MS says that this isn't doable.  For context the message needs to be in the related conversation string and come from the GM not Flowbot.  

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Keep in mind you can post messages through Microsoft's graph API (Send chatMessage in a channel or a chat - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Docs). And you can also create HTTP requests in power automate.


So if you setup an account with the correct permissions in Azure Active Directory, sign in as that user in the flow, obtain a Bearer token from that authentication, you can use a power automate flow to post a message with the http request connector to microsoft graph api to post as the user you created.


Hope that makes sense!