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Send an email with options - Customizations needed

I wanted to use for one of my client the action "send an email with options" that is a very interesting functionality but must be more customizable to be fully relevant:


  1. The header text always displays a value => must be optional + font, size, color editable
  2. Option buttons are automatically at the bottom of the email body => must be placed where we want
  3. Option buttons are blue and rectangular => Form, font, size and color must be editable
  4. Each email sent is composed in the footer of a Microsoft Flow promotion => must be deleted or optional
  5. Be able to add a signature
  6. Be able to change the sender directly from the action

Unfortunately, we have abandoned Microsoft Flow because of these points.


I hope these customizations will available soon !

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I agree with the above customizations. Would also be nice to have the 'From' or 'Send As' field for these emails as well. Even if a generic email is allowed to mask the O365 user, that would be great.
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Couldn‘t agree more. The color of the buttons unfortunately is a real issue, especially when it is the default color of your main competitor. Would be awesome to be able to change that

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You cannot so easily edit the content (header, footer, body) when you use send email with options. It has to be editable in html editor. I used something below for header formatting and it worked.


""<span style="color: rgb(250,0,0); font-size: 14px"><strong>YOUR TEXT<strong>""


Remove quotes..


You can adjust the rgb according to your choice. If you want rgb for each color, simply open new email, change the required color of the font and then to go to Font Color dropdown, click More Colors and click 'Custom' tab, there you can find rgb values for the selected colors. You can customize it.

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I would like to add one thing, enable customization of the wordings in the HTML confirmation dialogue