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Send direct message (chat) to recipent instead of only posting to a Team channel

Items can be posted directly to a team channel but not to an individual person via a chat. We would like to be able to directly target individuals outside of a team. 

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I agree - I have an AtBot that posts to a share point list but would like to send a chat to members of the team that a person ran the action.

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A big thumbs-up on this one!

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yes, we need this feature.


i hope the microsoft power automate team will add it soon.



Advocate I

Isn't this already possible with the action "Post a message as the Flow bot to a user"?



Frequent Visitor

@GhitaFjorback yes but only as the Flow bot and not as the user account. I'd like to send as the user account instead as one problem we have is too many different flows are sending as the Flow bot account and it gets confusing.

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@rmortier ah yes okay. Only the action “Post message in a chat or channel” will allow you to post as a user instead of as the Flow bot. Can you not use this action? 😢

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@GhitaFjorback last time I checked, that action was mis-labeled as it wasn't possible to send a direct chat, only post in a channel.

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This was also what I just tested yesterday. "Post message in a chat or channel" does not allow you to direct message as a user. We would love this feature to be able to replicate email BCC functionality in Teams.