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Send direct message (chat) to recipent instead of only posting to a Team channel

Items can be posted directly to a team channel but not to an individual person via a chat. We would like to be able to directly target individuals outside of a team. 

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My use case is alerting a manager that one of their reports has submitted an expense for approval. We want this notification to be targeted to only the assigned manager, and not posted in a Teams channel. 

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voted for this function. an private message alert is very necessary. without this, we can only do so by sending an email or else the channel will be in a mess.

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I'm really looking forward to this.
As there is a function to do this already with Skype and Skype will be integrated into Teams (accoding to MS), I hope it won't take to long. 
What I'm trying to do is replying to an email with a Teams personal chat, so everyone is reminded that I don't want emails 🙂