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Send email from O365 group mailbox

Currently there is an Action 'Send email from a Shared mailbox', however, it does not work for O365 groups. I have to use 'Send As' in regular send an email action. 


It would be to great to add the functionality in Action 'Send email from a Shared mailbox', that it can also send FROM an O365 group mailbox. 

Status: New
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This would seem to be sensible as Sharepoint site mailboxes have been deprecated in favour of O365 groups, so that's what I'd like to use for flows relating to Sharepoint items.


My use case is relatively simple and common- New item in library/list > if it meets certain criteria, notify the people who are site members, using the O365 mailbox as sender, so replies go to the group too.

Level: Powered On

This is a show stopper for our business. Please implement this functionality as it was available in SPD OOB. Thank you.

Level: Power Up

Show stopper for us as well

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This is especially needed now that "Send As" has been removed from the regular Send an Email action...

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This would be a great addition to the platform. My manager would definitely like to have all the automated emails coming from our group rather than just from him. If clients reply to the automated email (they're asked not to but they do anyway), then the entire team will get the reply.


It would clarify with clients of our system that it's a group of people working on their requests rather than just one person.