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Send email from O365 group mailbox

Currently there is an Action 'Send email from a Shared mailbox', however, it does not work for O365 groups. I have to use 'Send As' in regular send an email action. 


It would be to great to add the functionality in Action 'Send email from a Shared mailbox', that it can also send FROM an O365 group mailbox. 

Status: New
Level: Powered On

This is a huge issue since MS decided to remove the ability to create a Site Mailbox.  Having a Site Mailbox made this easy.  This is definitely a major issue for us.  Either make triggering Flows, and sending emails from an O365 Group easier, or bring back Site Mailboxes!

Level: Powered On

We can use 'From' but ensure that Office 365 group has group delegation (find and click the Office 365 group > group delegation> add send as/onbehalf)  with appropriate users added.  This can only be done through Exchange Admin.