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Send email from O365 group mailbox

Currently there is an Action 'Send email from a Shared mailbox', however, it does not work for O365 groups. I have to use 'Send As' in regular send an email action. 


It would be to great to add the functionality in Action 'Send email from a Shared mailbox', that it can also send FROM an O365 group mailbox. 

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I actually need this to send notification to a specific email for each row of Excel table, I would like it being sent from a group email address rather than being sent from a personal address; wich would also be very neat and informative.


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This issue is a big show stopper for us... we were forced to tell people to create shared mailboxes instead 😞

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This is also a show stopper for us. Back in the good old SharePoint Designer days, workflow emails could get sent as the service account for SharePoint and a no-reply From address designated. Flow makes it so hard to just duplicate what SPD could do OOB.

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This is a show stopper for us too. It is not feasible to create Email Accounts for each flow made that sends an email on a certain topic. I'm the creator of a Flow, and I have added other owners that have a shared mailbox but even then I still can't use their shared mailbox as the Send As. And I'm unsure as to how to create a connection to their outlook account.