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Send email on behalf of SharePoint site, not user



I would like the ability for emails regarding items in SharePoint having been created or modified to come from or some generic email with the SharePoint site's name showing as the sender, just like in SharePoint Designer, instead of these general notification emails showing up as coming from the Flow author (i.e., me). This is for the "Office 365 Outlook Send an email" action, unless there is another action I can use for that.

Status: Declined

We not plan on adding this feature, but you can already accomplish something almost identical to this via two different mechanisms. If you want a generic email like, that's supported via the Mail - Send an email notification action.

mail - send email action.JPG


This connector works the same as the normal connectors, but instead of using a user account it acts as its own Flow based connector. Therefore when you send emails using it, the message will read as coming from and display like the following:


mail send email header.JPG


Alternatively, if you want it to come from an email inside the domain you can do that by using a Shared mailbox, as called out below in the comments.


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The Mail - Send an Email Notification sounded like a good solution to this but my tests have not been good. Even though it is set as an HTML Email, it does not retain any of the original format or line breaks. We need to include some dynamic data in the body of the Email, and that is truncated as well.


For example - this action:

Flow Capture 1.PNG



produced this Email:


Flow Capture 2.PNG











For the time being, my choices are:


1. Have all Email notifications come from me as the Flow author (using standard Send Email action)

2. Send a truncated email like the one above (using the Send an Email Notification action)

3. Used a Shared Mailbox address as the From, but that is not a good choice for us.



At a minimum, can we have this formatting issue fixed?








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I am in an Azure Logic App and I can't find the action "Mail - Send an email notification". Is there anything to activate to see the action? Thanks!

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Stephen, Can you please show me how to use the conecttor thing as reading as send out email from 

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Honestly, Power Automate declining this request is a huge disappointment.  Being able to send an email notification from a system account should have been a priority from day one!  Especially since Designer is going away and everything has to move to Flow.


This eliminates the ability for the IT department and Power Users to create Flows for different processes for an organization.  I hope this team rethinks their stance on this.