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Send email to everyone in "People or Group" column when "Allow multiple selections" set to yes


I have a "Recipients" column in a list. It's a "People or Group" column and I have "Allow multiple selections" set to "Yes". I want to send an email to everyone in the Recipients column. I choose "Recipients email" for the "To" field, but the "To" field is always empty and the flow fails. I tried changing the column "Recipients" to Show Field: Work email in the column settings, and that didn't seem to work either.

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The ability to get values from multivalue person columns was released as announced in this blog post:

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The ability to idenify if a particular users is contain with the User field when mulitple users can be added.

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This would be an awesome thing to implement, it is common for tasks or items to have multiple possible owners or approvers and enabling this could solve many issues.

Additionally, it isn't clear at all what the problem is if you have a list with multiple-people column, and try to send an email to those people through Flow - it fails with null content returned as described above, but very frustrating to solve without lots of trial / error.

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Would love this - have spent a lot of time configuring new Flows to just find this out. Have to rollback to old 2010 Workflows now 😕

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Absolutely essential!

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Yes this feature is really important. I also have similar requirement where all event are stored in sharepoint calendar and need to send reminder mail to all the receipient. but due to limitation not able to send. value is blank in case of multiple receipient. 

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I created a text column where I stored multiple mailadresses, seperated by semicolon. You can grab this information in your flow.

But this is just a workaround, not a solution.


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I would love to see Flows support reading data from the People column field when there multiple values entered.  I'm trying to set up a flow that automatically sends an email to all supporting stakeholders each time a new item is added to a list.  I see this is currently under review, is there a timeline we can expect to see this completed?

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you can achieve this. please read this article



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@ParmiGood job promoting your article, but it's a work around. I have work arounds. I want the feature to work. Hopefully your work around helps people who find this link, but ultimately MS needs to add this feature/idea into Flow. Work arounds aren't good enough, and this idea is something the average user expects. The work around is something the average user would find too complicated.